Born and raised in Athens, Michalis plays piano and alto sax.

He is the co-founder and saxophonist of the "Μητέρα Φάλαινα Τυφλή" band.


He has been the pianist and co-founder of the swing band "Jazzmatazz", saxophonist of "Plus Dots" and "Μπελ Επόκ", and has collaborated with "Τσοπάνα Rave".


He has also been a member of various philarmonic orchestras and small independent bands, and he has participated in various studio recordings.


He is an alumnus of the Music Studies University of Athens. He took his Classical Piano Diploma with Alexandra Papastefanou and studied Advanced Music Theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue) with Giannis Avgerinos. 


He works as a music teacher. 

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