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Thanasis was born and raised in Athens.

His first contact with music was at a young age through a relative that was the guitarist of Oriones in the 70s. He created his first band at age 12 with his schoolmates, and it was there he realized the bass is the instrument that fits him best.

He is a co-founder of and has recorded original work with the following bands: Golden Nugget (classic/southern rock), Grey River & The Smoky Mountain (bluegrass/folk), Soulbenders (godspell/blues). 

He has participated in various Βlues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, RnB, Rock and Rock n Roll bands. He has also been a member of the Afrobeat/Funk band "The Exotic Watermelons",a project by dj Super Mario, whom he also followed to his Ethnic project "Eastern Εxperiment", forming the rhythm section along with Italian percussionist Simone Mongelli.

He studied electric bass at the Municipal Conservatory of Peristeri with Petros Dragoumis, excelled in harmony but never got his diploma, having a different opinion about his graduation recital and dropping out during his final year.

Besides playing electric and double bass, Thanasis also makes really good pasta! He likes books, vinyl records and movies, and he usually lives in mushrooms hanging out with Hobbits.

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