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Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I started studying music (piano) at age 7. Since then I have:

-Collaborated with several bands (Starlights, Slice of Jazz, Funkey, Sax-S, Maulers, Banned, BTTF etc) of various music genres (funk, soul, disco, rock etc) for numerous gigs and recordings as a lead or backing/session singer, in Greece and Amsterdam

-Been a founding member of Phunk Bazaar (funk/rock, Amsterdam) and Snoozzz (reggae/ska/latin, Athens), with whom we performed covers and our own original songs

-Participated in choirs in Athens and Amsterdam, ranging from classical/gregorian to contemporary/gospel

-Continued studying music (classical theory, jazz harmony, piano, vocal placement, guitar, sitar, songwriting) with amazing teachers

Currently I am based in Athens, gigging with my band, the Mood Swings. Give us a listen!

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